2549-57-02 - Kieninger Month Running Regulator

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2549-57-02 - Stunning Kieninger clock with a satin black finish case which has elegant light ebony veneers in the back panel, pediment and base. Features include:

- High quality (calibre ZSR) month going weight driven movement with 1/2-hour strike on a coiled gong.
- Chrome plated mechanism with diamond cut edges.
- 30 ball bearings and 2 ruby jewels. 
- Graham style escapement and pallet anchor with Kieniramic7 pallets.
- Maintaining power during winding to increase timekeeping accuracy.
- Automatic night time strike shut-off between 10pm and 7am. 
- Integrated section for the crank key. 
- Genuine enamel arabic dial with second indication.
- Numbered edition. 
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