Charlie Turner Design - The 'Rivoli'

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Hand made by Charlie Turner Design in Cornwall, the Rivoli floor clock is in contrast to the top heavy design traditionally found in longcase clocks. Adding the glass to the sides means it doesn't appear heavy and intrusive. Seeing the movement of the pendulum from the sides and front and seeing the three weights drop over the week, emphasise the true mechanical nature of the piece.  Details Include:

High quality Kieninger German made 8 day weight driven triple chime mechanism. (Choose between Westminster, St Michael or Whittington melodies).  Automatic night chime silence and chime silence feature.  This high quality Kieninger mechanism also allows you the option to silence the quarter chime and instead use it as a striking clock where it will only strike on the hours.    Contact us for more details.  

White dial. Silver coloured hour markers. Silver coloured hour and minute hands.

Wooden side panels removable for access to movement.

Oak case with hinged full length glass door. Glass side panels.

- Brushed chrome weight shells and lyre pendulum.

Height: 182cm (5'11 ¾")
Width: 43.6cm (1'5 1/8")
Depth: 30.7cm (1' 1/8").

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