0137-96-02 - Kieninger Satin Black Regulator Longcase Clock

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Elegant satin black finish floor clock with chrome steel accents.  Features include:

- High quality Calibre RS001-MK 8 day mechanism featuring a Westminster chime on an 8 rod gong.
- Automatic beat setting.
- Maintaining power which allows the clock to keep working while the clock is being wound. This improves timekeeping accuracy.
- Automatic night time chime shut-off between 10 pm and 7.15 am.
- Option to switch the chime off and set the clock to strike the hours only.
- Bevelled crystal glass on all sides.
Unique, etched and silver plated dial face (24 cm) and superbly crafted, visible stationary (Graham) escapement with Kieniramic7 anchor pallets.  Also available with silver calendar dial.  (See photos).
- Temperature compensating pendulum for greater timekeeping accuracy.
- Blued steel hands.
- Meticulously crafted case with fine stainless steel accents in pediment and base
- Made in Germany.

Height 190cm.
Width 38.5cm.
Depth 19.5cm

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty