22805-V30352 - Hermle Tellurium I Table Clock

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Hermle Tellurium 1 Astrological Clock with Polished Blue Base.

A beautiful clock reproduces the annual orbit of the earth around the sun,
and incredibly the earth rotating around its own axis every 24 hours.
The moon, in turn, revolves around the earth in 29.5 days completing
a full rotation around its axis - reproducing the different moon phases
as they are visible from earth. In the course of a year the earth passes
through all 12 zodiac signs, months and individual days which are indciated
on the flat disc. Features include:

- 8 day brass spring wound movement. 
- 4/4 Westminster chimes on 4 polished bells.
- Automatic night time chime shut off. 
- Full chime shut-off lever

Height: 35cm (14")
Width: 29cm (12")

Made in Germany.

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty

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