2551-95-01 - Kieninger Wall Clock

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Stunning contemporary wall clock with a black satin case and real marble back panel. Features include:

- High quality (Calibre PS060) 8 day weight driven mechanism which strikes the hours and half hour on a coiled gong.
- The mechanism has automatic beat adjustment, maintaining power to help with timekeeping accuracy, second indication, strike shut-off and automatic night time shut-off between 10.00 PM and 7.00 AM.
- Crank key deposit in the case frame
- Genuine enamel dial with Arabic numerals and Breguet style hands.
- Chrome plated weights, grid pendulum and pendulum scale.

Height: 89cm
Width: 26.5cm
Depth: 17cm

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty & Free Delivery.

Also available as a Westminster chime clock 2551-95-02