70961-740761 - Hermle Kingsland Month Running Regulator Wall Clock

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Hermle Kingsland Month Running Regulator Wall Clock

This is a stunning example of high quality German clock making.
The beautiful case has a hand polished black finish with real metal inlays and the clock features a very high quality precision weight driven movement which runs for a month. The mechanism which has maintaining power to allow for timekeeping accuracy uses 6 ball bearings and 2 ruby bushings for the 3rd wheel, escape wheel and anchor escapement. The solid graham anchor escapement has 2 rubin pallets.
Other features include a silver dial and a carbon fibre pendulum rod with twin cylinder pendulum bob using the famous 'Huygen'scher Laufer' in combination with a double cylinder pendulum and true second hand dial.

Height - 133 cm (52")
Width - 30.5 cm (12")
Depth - 190 cm (7.5")

Made in Germany.

Exclsuive 3 Year Warranty & Free Delivery.