71008-030351 - Hermle Regulator Wall Clock - Walnut

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New for 2023

The design of the new regulator 71009-740351 in walnut and brass combines classical elegance and modern lines to create a clock fit for all interiors.   Large glass surfaces, as part of the design, show the intricate workings of the mechanical movement, W0351-830066301 (4/4 Westminster chime with automatic night shut-off). The case door is fitted with a magnetic lock and the integrated key compartment highlight the precision craftsmanship required to make such a clock.  Sustainably handcrafted in southern Germany with precision from local solid woods.

Features include:

- 8 Day Westminster chime mechanism. 
- Automatic night chime shut-off.
- Facility to fully shut-off the chime.
- White dial with Roman numerals and a seconds hand
- Brass weights, pendulum and accessories.


Height: 87.5cm
Width: 25cm
Depth: 13.5 cm

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty & Free Delivery.