0126-06-01 - Kieninger Modern Showcase Clock

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Limited edition, modern grandfather clock in a designer cabinet with gold plated brass parts.  Features include:

- High quality 8 day (Calibre HTU07) triple chime movement featuring Westminster, Whittington and St. Michael melodies.
- The mechanism has both bronze bearings and ruby bearings which allow for greater accuracy and reduced friction.
- Maintaining power feature which provides power to the mechanism even while the clock is being wound.  This allows for even greater timekeeping accuracy. 
- Automatic beat adjustment.

- Temperature compensating pendulum with precision time adjustment. 
- This clock allows you to choose between multiple chime options -  Automatic night chime shut off (between the hours of 10pm and 7am) or chime always on, or chime always off or hourly strike only.

- Curved front door glass.
- Transparent floating glass dial and an illuminated second dial showing the seconds.
- 9 tuned chrome plated melody tubes.
- New version with triple LED lights to illuminate the stunning brass mechanism.
- Numbered edition clock with certificate.

Height 208cm.
Width 48cm.
Depth 34cm

Gelnbryde Exclusive 3 Year Warranty