70996-030761 - 31 Day Hermle Regulator Wall Clock - Walnut Finish

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Hermle 31 Day Precision Regulator Wall Clock

Impressive walnut finish solid wood case with light colour edgeline.   Features include:

- Precision 31 day movement which has rubin pallets. Movement also has 6 ball bearings and 6 rubin bushings.
- Wolfram weight.
- Mechanism has maintaining power which allows the clock to maintain accuracy during winding.
- Anchor setting can be done with a precision screw on the pendulum stick.
- The second hand makes 78 steps for a 1 minute turn.
- Quality certificate supplied.

Height: 88cm
Width: 27cm
Depth: 13.5cm

Made in Germany.

Exclusive 3 Year Warranty & Free Delivery.