Comitti Clocks


It was in 1845 that Onorato Comitti moved from Italy to England and soon set-up his first business producing high quality barometers and related instruments.  By the end of the Victorian period Mr Comitti also started to produce high quality clocks and the family run company has been at the forefront of british clockmaking ever since.  Today the company is one of the last remaining companies in The UK still producing clocks and barometers. 

Comitti of London are renowned all over the world for producing high quality clocks of all types using traditional and modern methods to create clocks which will last for years to come.  They were recognised as the UK’s leading maker of classic English clocks and barometers in 1990 and Glenbryde are proud to be a supplier of their longcase, wall and table clocks as well as their specialist commemorative timepieces.