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Erwin Sattler Clocks


One of the most exclusive watch and clock makers in the world is Erwin Sattler. The designs are a masterful creation that has no need of unnecessary embellishments to impress.

and the unparalleled smoothness of these stunning pendulum clocks is evident from the photographs and they are a complete joy to touch.


Each tiny component is sourced and handcrafted in Germany, sometimes requiring years to finish. Erwin Sattler clocks are true heritage pieces, an heirloom for your family to pass down for generations. The accuracy of Erwin Sattler Clocks is only surpassed by their beauty. These exclusive creations are produced with the utmost care and only the most exquisite of materials are used.


The Erwin Sattler Clock making manufacturer has one goal: to achieve aesthetic and mechanical perfection and Glenbryde is a clock specialist with a special connection to Erwin Sattler timepieces. Feel free to contact us for any questions about your Erwin Sattler clock. 





Erwin Sattler History


“What you can’t buy, you simply have to do it yourself”, was Heinrich Sattlers motto. Erwin Sattlers grandfather was a horologist and patented on the 4th of March 1903 a desk or shelf clock with perpetual calendar.

Over the years, the clock manufactory Erwin Sattler had developed to a modern clock brand that combines the latest manufacturing technologies with centuries-old craft. Their stunning range of precision instruments will subtly dominate any room and will be enjoyed by generations to come.


Erwin Sattler is a German clock maker that originated in Graefelfing near Munich. The family business has been finessing their craft since 1958.


However, the very first Sattler was made much earlier, around 1998 when Heinrich Sattler patented his design for a table clock. His grandson, Erwin, later continued the family tradition of horology and began the company that is now hailed as one of the best clock makers in the world. Family leadership continues to this day with Stephanie Sattler, Heinrich’s great granddaughter at its helm.


What Sort of Clocks Does Erwin Sattler Design?


Today, the Erwin Sattler collections hold more than table clocks. They also craft highly coveted wristwatches, precision pendulum clocks and grandfather clocks.


Where Can I See an Erwin Sattler Clock?


All true Erwin Sattler timepieces are made in their factory in Graefelfing, Germany. However, their work is sold all around the world by respected clock and watch dealers.


What’s Special About an Erwin Sattler Clock?


Clock makers do not become heralded for average work. Erwin Sattler timepieces are outstanding.


What makes an Erwin Sattler clock unique is that each delicate part is handcrafted in Germany. As many as 477 elements are carefully formed and assembled to make a truly exquisite timepiece.


The designs exude modern nostalgia. Their workplates, pendulums and anchor pallets are manufactured using the most reliable materials and mechanisms such as gold, agate and brass.


Due to the amount of time needed to make a single piece, all Erwin Sattler designs are only made as limited editions. Thus, having your very own Erwin Sattler is a true treasure.


How Long Does It Take to Make an Erwin Sattler Clock?


From start to finish, it is not uncommon that a single piece requires years to make. It can take as long as 2 years to reach completion.


How Much Can I Expect to Pay for an Erwin Sattler Clock?


Since each Erwin Sattler clock is handmade using only local materials, a lot of manhours and craftsmanship goes into each work. Their exclusivity also drives up the price.


Expect to pay around ₤10,000 for an Erwin Sattler watch, wall clock or table clock.


Are There Any Erwin Sattler Clocks in the UK


Glenbryde is a clock specialist with a special connection to Erwin Sattler timepieces. Feel free to contact us for any questions about your Erwin Sattler clock.