IN707.551 - Dingens Innovacelli Barometer, Thermometer & Hygrometer - Acrylic

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Innovacelli Barometer with Thermometer

Stunning Innovacelli Barometer which is in an exclusive barometer made in response to the Antarctic Ice Expedtion 2011-2012. The Innovacelli barometer is mounted on a clear acrylic case with bevelled edges which has a contemporary design.

- Highly accurate (non mercury) tube barometer.  This is achieved through vacuum metal cells which react to the changing air pressure and are able to measure even the slightest change in pressure.  The combination of metal cells with a liquid is unique and guarantees that the pressure is conveyed without any friction occurring.  
The case consists of two sand-blasted glass plates, of which the base plate is faceted. This gives a stunning effect when light enters the glass.  The scale is screenprinted in black on the front plate.
- The dials and parts are finished in a high quality chrome finish.
- The Innovacelli barometer offers you a large (45 mm/100 hPa) clear and accurate scale to allow for easy reading.
- The innovacelli barometer comes with an altitude adjustment which allows you to easily calibrate the barometer for your own setting.
- Hygrometer to measure humidity.

Size: 1150mm x 190mm x 120mm.

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