Erwin Sattler - Ships Hygrometer

Sattler Hygrometer
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Erwin Sattler -  Ships Hygrometer

The case of the Sattler ships hygrometer is crafted in solid brass, finely polished and chromed. High-quality mineral glass provides a clear view of the glass-pearl-blasted, silvered dial and the lovingly hand-crafted blued hand.

The hygrometer can also be complimented by other instruments in the range which include the Navalis ships clock, barometer & thermometer.  For the ideal visual combination, the Hygrometer and the other nautical instruments from Erwin Sattler all have the same case.

Details include:

Case - chromed brass
Movement -  precision hygrometer that uses so-called Supratherm technology to illustrate relative humidity as a percentage.
Glass - Crystals Mineral glass
Dial - Anodised Aluminium
Weight 0,7 kg

Dimensions: Ø: 11.5 cm, Depth: 4 cm