0192-31-01 - 'Riva' Limited Edition Longcase Clock With Integrated Tourbillon Mantel Clock

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Stunning Limited Edition Month Running Longcase Clock With Tourbillon Table Clock

The new concept clock 'Riva' re-interprets the idea of what a grandfather clock should look like.  The clock conveys the passion for quality in materials and workmanship, and convinces with the use of modern, innovative high quality clock technology.
The body is made from solid mahohany, fine veneers and innovative wood materials and floats on an asymmetric upwardly tapered base. Polished stainless metal bands running parallel to the edges of the case at even intervals form a stylish contrast to the elaborate piano finish quality mahogany surface. Matching this, the glass work is surounded by polished stainless metal bands.
The main movement is illuminated through an arched breakthrough on the top and a pair of LED lights with sensor control. An additional pair of LED lights focuses on the soothing pendulum swing. Nothing remains hidden. The use of 2 drawers in the base enhances appearance and functionality.
A removable, freely positionable mantel clock can show a second time zone and has an independent LED illumination of its dial. Wing doors on both sides and the chrome plated solid brass tube are eye catching function and style elements. Both movements feature a milled matt chrome finish dial ring with polished brass indicators.
Only 50 of these stunning Limited edition clocks will be made.

Technical data:

Longcase clock - Caliber ZSO02 precision cable movement with central second, sceleted, ground and chrome plated plates with diamond cut edges and gold plated wheel set.
- stationary escapement (Graham reach 12 ½ teeth)
- 1 month run time - an above average precision of +/- 5 seconds per month can be reached
- 8 ball bearings and 6 ruby jewels
- power reserve (during winding procedure) & winding stop
- fine beat adjustment & Kieniramic7anchor pallets
- drive weight 3,1 kg
- precision carbon stick pendulum with temperature compensation and fine adjustment

Mantel clock - Caliber NET03 key wind movement with open tourbillon
- 7 day run time
- 6 ball bearings and 13 ruby jewels
- winding and adjustment from back

Floor clock (oval base) H 193 x W 34(54) x D 19(36) cm
Mantel clock H 17,5 x W 29 x D 14,5 cm

Made in Germany

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