Charlie Turner Design

Charlie Turner clocks have quickly gained prestige in the design world. From unorthodox beginnings, Charlie Turner has made its mark on horology and the design world within the span of two decades.


Best known for the refreshing interpretation of a grandfather clock, each timepiece signifies a new movement in clock-making. Inspired by the sea and cliffs, Charlie Turner clocks are a proud British design.  They are unexpectedly magnificent pieces, combining traditional high quality mechanism in a modern case which is sure to look great in any room.


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History of Charlie Turner Clocks


It only began in the year 2000, when Turner took over a small clock-making business in Cornwall. He moved to the West Country and in 2011 introduced the world to contemporary imaginings of grandfather clocks.


This may seem like a simple history but Charlie Turner is not part of a long line of clock makers like many other brands are. He learned the craft almost spontaneously.


The clock-making business that he took over, Broad & Turner, has a longer history than Turner’s designs but 2000 marked the start of a new beginning. Turner was not afraid of challenging the vintage and antique grandfather clocks. With that, he made his own mark on the industry.


Who Is Charlie Turner?


British-born Charlie Turner has followed his career to many different corners of creativity. As a film producer, he crossed the pond to the United States but his admiration for British design remained.


It started with house renovations but what really caught the public’s eye was his cabinetry and furniture. His work quickly brought in commissions and Turner’s design aesthetic became well-known.


What’s the Inspiration Behind Charlie Turner Clocks?


The rugged yet peaceful landscape of the southern tip of England are the muse of Charlie Turner clocks. Turner frequently takes walks along the majestic Cornwall cliffs to get his creative juices flowing.


You can recognize the waves in the fluidity of the designs and the stoic cliffs in the masterful lines of the grandfather clocks.


What’s So Special About Charlie Turner Clocks?


Grandfather clocks are often associated with vintage and antiques but Charlie Turner clocks could never be mistaken for vintage. Each design is handcrafted in his studio in Cornwall, a true product of its surroundings. The designs are contemporary functional pieces of art carved out of wood.


How Much Do Charlie Turner Clocks Cost?


Charlie Turner clocks are handmade functional art pieces. Combining wood craftsmanship and reliable German mechanisms they are truly unique pieces. Prices of Charlie Turner clocks start around ₤5,000.