Erwin Sattler - Opus Tourbillon Table Clock with 12 Brilliant Cut Diamonds

Opus Tourbillon
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A stunning new clock which will enhance any setting. All parts of the solid stainless-steel case are individually milled, grounded and carefully polished by hand and due to the special design of the case construction, almost no edges of the case glass can be seen. This creates the amazing effect that the viewer has an apparently floating clockwork in front of them. The clock is a limited edition 

The Erwin Sattler manufacture caliber 1399-1, with a power reserve of 14 days, the display of the date, moon phase and power reserve, impresses not only with its aesthetic and at the same time technically sophisticated construction, but above all with the embedded minute tourbillon. This "crown" of watchmaking can be traced back to the famous watchmaker Abraham-Louis Breguet, who had the brilliant idea for the same thing in 1801. The flying variant, based on a further development by Alfred Helwig, means a further increase in complexity, as it is only mounted on the back and thus allows an unobstructed view of the escapement.  Details Include:

- High quality Sattler calibre 1399-1, 14 day tourbillon mechanism with 11 jewels and 12 precision ball bearings.
- Flying minute tourbillon set within a seconds display with 12 brilliant-cut diamonds.
- Passing strike on a bell to indicate the passing of the hour.
- Beautiful filigree Arabic anodised skeleton dial with slender baton hands along with a hand polished mother-of-pearl moon phase dial and date and seconds display.
- Limited edition to 58 pieces.

Height: 35 cm
Width: 25 cm
Depth: 14 cm

Information on the production of the moon phase dial can be found here
nformation on the Tourbillon can be found here

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